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CinSity Casino, operating inside the NFTWorlds Metaverse, is a one-of-a-kind business focused on providing an immersive crypto-gaming experience that offers different casino themed games and skill-based games.

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What is  CinSity DAO ?

By launching the CinSity DAO Founders Pass we aim to give CinSity Casino investors access to the CinSity DAO, an exclusive discord community, as well as exclusive perks throughout the development of this project. 

CinSity DAO Founders Pass


70% of all proceeds from the initial minting of our nft will be directed towards building, developing, and launching cinsity casino when nftworlds multiplayer is live on their worldplayer dapp

Owner's rights

CinSity DAO Founders Pass is the only NFT that provides the holder with access to the C​inSity DAO and in turn a share of its Community Wallet - with CinSity Casino depositing profits monthly


Each user’s individual ownership of the CinSity DAO is verified on the blockchain; similar to someone’s ownership stake in a publicly listed company being verified through stock ownership

Road  Map


Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3


Initial Mint

Get 100 verified users in CinSity Casino NFTs discord server. Once t​hese 100 users are in the server, minting of the CinSity Casino NFTs will begin 


1000 CinSity DAO Founders Passes will be released for purchase from our official CinSity-Vault OpenSea account. These NFTs will have CinSityDAO access and exclusive benefits available ONLY to these holders For example; Exclusive discord roles, rewards within CinSity Casino, as well as beta access to CinSity Casino before public release


2750 CinSity DAO Founders Passes will be released for purchase from our official CinSity-Vault OpenSea account once all "Wave 1" NFTs are purchased. Wave 2 NFTs will have CinSityDAO access and exclusive benefits available ONLY to these holders 


3750 CinSity DAO Founders Passes will be released for purchase from our official CinSity-Vault Open Sea account, granting access to the CinSityDAO, after all "Wave 2" NFTs are purchased 

CinSity DAO

Establish the CinSityDAO after all 7500 CinSity DAO Founders Passes have been minted. All NFTs will exist on the Polygon blockchain. We do not want gas to get in the way of this opportunity.


How do I get Matic on the Polygon (Matic) Network?

After converting your Eth to wEth on OpenSea, you need to bridge the wEth on the Ethereum Network to the Polygon Network. In order to do that you need Matic on Polygon Network. It is pretty difficult to directly get Matic but Polygon has made it much easier to bridge from network to network on their website Answer.

Once you connect your MetaMask to the Polygon Wallet, you can see the section on the left-hand side for "Swap For Gas Token". This lets you convert your wEth on Ethereum Network to Matic on Polygon Network to only use it for gas fees. More info on Once you get Matic you can go to the bridging section and deposit your wEth from Ethereum Network to Polygon Network gas-less.

How many passes are total in Wave 1?

There are 1000 passes total. 900 for purchase and 100 passes given away to our Early Supporters members.

How does minting work?

All Wave 1 Founders Passes are initially on sale from us on Open Sea! We have linked our official vault account in #mint in our discord If you qualify for a Whitelist discounted mint, we will manually list WL discounted passes on OS for your specific wallet address. We will then specify which passes have been listed for you.

What games will be offered inside the casino?

Upon launch roulette and blackjack will be offered. Eventually, we will also offer poker, dice, slots, sports betting, real-life betting, and more!

What happens to the 30% of casino profits held within CinSity DAO?

Members of the DAO will vote on the allocation of these funds. This is the beauty of the DAO.

How will CinSity DAO distributions to Founders Pass holders work?

DAO members will vote on how the money in the wallet is spent. One of the options members can vote on is a “dividend style payout.” This means DAO members could vote to receive their share of casino profits, paid directly to them. BUT this is not the only possibility. Since it is a DAO we want members to have the ability to propose other ideas. These can include investing in a crypto asset to hold, buying another NFT to flip, etc. Each month our community will be able to decide how the DAO wallet is spent.

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O​ur verified Smart Contracts and Adresses

Smart Contract for the CinSity DAO Founder's passespasses on Polygon

Our DAO Wallet
that currently holds 30% of mint sales and will eventually hold 30% of CinSity Casino's monthly profit

Smart Contract creator Wallet